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FOX News
Apr 10, 2010 10:30am EDT
running for the u.s. state in florida. and virginia thomas, clarence thomas, so many other big names and if i were to tell you now, well, anyway up next, an american union suing american taxpayers? it's happening. >> this is a fox news alert. hello everyone. a nation in mourning for president of poland, his wife and some of the country's highest military and civilian leaders all killed in a plane crash in western russia this morning. the president and 95 others died when the presidential plane reportedly went down while landing in a heavy fog. thousands of gathering outside the presidential palace at this hour, placing flowers and candles. mourning of loss of their leader. and there are also tears back here in the u.s., four missing coal miners have been found dead inside the west virginia mine shattered by a powerful explosion on monday. family and friends holding a vigil for their loved ones, their deaths making the blast the worst u.s. coal mining disaster since 1970. we'll have more on the developing stories in our next news break coming up in 30 minutes and now back to cavuto o
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1